First Floor

Piano Noble
Front room
(piano nobile)
Front room view to middle room staircase
Front room view to middle room staircase,
and closet in far distance
Piano nobile detail
Piano nobile detail (front room)

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Front Room: original double fielded panelling shutters and bars; 18c black & white marble fire surround; 19c double doors to middle room.

Middle Room: early 18c marble fire surround, late 18c hearth.

Closet: mid 19c small range (current library).

sockets5x13 amp socket positions (5 amp is switched) TV/FM sockets.

Telecom hubs (10 lines per floor), 2 per floor, not marked.

Paint: Stone flat oil front room, Parchment Yellow flat oil middle room, Sealing Wax Red eggshell closet.

Available rooms are shaded grey.

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