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London Archaeological Research Facility, Institute of Archaeology, University College London.
1996. Includes measured drawings, and slides. Sponsored by English Heritage.

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Helen Hughes.
1998. Includes detailed Report and paint sample photos.

'68 Dean Street - A Brief Record Survey'
Richard Bond.
Historic Buildings Recording Unit, English Heritage, London Region.
1994. Report and drawings dating the 'hidden rooms' to the original house.

'A Geophysical Survey'
Ground Penetrating Radar Survey: front Vault Waste Management (Servants Cesspit + Soakaway?) and Cold Room Beneath 1732 Kitchen.
The Clark Laboratory
Museum of London Archaeology Service.
1997 - draft Report

'Repairs and Alterations to Listed Buildings. Supplementary Planning Guidance' City of Westminster. 1997. Various references and photographs.

'Heritage Today' feature in June 1998 issue;

'West End Extra' article on frogs in Dean Street, May 1998.


'Georgian Group Journal:' article on Water & Waste Management, following successful completion of archaeological work in front vault re combined cesspitt/soakaway.

'The Times'